My Snake

I had plenty of photos of my snake and I figured might as well make a blog post. My snake is about 6 years old and is a ball python. Snakes are often hard to photograph and having to lay down while focusing mainly on their snout can be hard when they are constantly moving. Also while I’m taking photos of him he gets curious of what my camera is and heads straight into the lens. So majority of the photos I come back with are blurry due to him moving pretty fast or him getting super close. Another thing…

Macro Photography

My aunt discovered that her neighbors had baby humming birds that had created a nest on a chain of her swinging bench. It was incredibly difficult to take a photo due to how close they were to the roof but luckily I managed to get a few shots. Recently I begun to use macro tubes to get photos of different things like snowflakes and baby snails that were all in my backyard.