Flower Photography

Since everything was blooming on the trees I figured now would be a great time to start taking photos of flowers. It was interesting to do and I wanted more bokeh on the flowers since I’ve seen it done before and it was a fun and great learning experience to test things out. Also while my mom was out planting flowers I thought it was a great time to start taking photos of some of the flowers she bought (which cost a lot).

Sunset Photography

While I was on the back of a snowmobile I brought along my camera and luckily only tipped over once but with a fast shutter I was able to take a few photos during the trip (only nearly falling off every time I raised my camera) and managed to grab an amazing sunset. After being knocked into the air a few times we decided to pull over to the side and take a few photos which I’m very happy that we did. Also some of the sunset photos were at my house and they were stunningly beautiful but only lasted…