Flower Photography

Since everything was blooming on the trees I figured now would be a great time to start taking photos of flowers. It was interesting to do and I wanted more bokeh on the flowers since I’ve seen it done before and it was a fun and great learning experience to test things out. Also while my mom was out planting flowers I thought it was a great time to start taking photos of some of the flowers she bought (which cost a lot).

Landscape Photography

I had the chance to hike up to a waterfall and there was a river which calmed down at parts which had this rock that reflected pretty well. I also saw the rock with 2 holes casting a shadow on the inside which had I not been there at the right time I wouldn’t have snapped the photo. Also when I went to a slot canyon I took a photo of the wall because the holes looked so smooth and turned out pretty great. Although the rest of the hike wasn’t enjoyable the photos I got were great. I also…

A Cozy Cat

I noticed the lack of photos I had of my chubby cat and I was looking for a chance to take a photo of her. As I was walking downstairs I noticed her laying down with a ray of light shining across her to warm her up. It looked too good to be true so I quickly ran up grabbed my camera and took some photos of my chubby sun loving cat

My Snake

I had plenty of photos of my snake and I figured might as well make a blog post. My snake is about 6 years old and is a ball python. Snakes are often hard to photograph and having to lay down while focusing mainly on their snout can be hard when they are constantly moving. Also while I’m taking photos of him he gets curious of what my camera is and heads straight into the lens. So majority of the photos I come back with are blurry due to him moving pretty fast or him getting super close. Another thing…

Canyon Exploring

I really wanted to head out and start taking photos so I went up into the canyon and drove around until I could find some areas to take photos. As I was heading back a herd of deer were walking down the road so I managed to get a few snaps of some deer before they ran off. They often perked up and looked directly at me due to the sound of my camera creating some really great photos. Although it was super rainy (and I ended up slipping and getting dirt all over myself) It was a great experience…

Creatures and Critters

I had the amazing chance to go to the Hutchings Museum animal exhibit show and got to take pictures of many different exotic animals. It was a fun experience to get up close with these animals (although the spider had me worried). It was also fun to check out the museum after the animals to see the cool history showcases that were on. I’ve always wanted to take photos of a chameleon so as soon as the caretaker brought them out I was thrilled to snap a few shots.

Black and White

black and white photos always interested me because not only does it make photos look pretty cool but it also adds this contrast to make things pop out. I had an idea to make fire black and white but when I did this it didn’t pop like I wanted to. Luckily when I was playing around with photoshop I inverted the photo which caused this cool effect to the fire. It made the match look amazing and so I decided to test it on a camp fire. I also went to Idaho and when I did we stumbled upon this…

Sunset Photography

While I was on the back of a snowmobile I brought along my camera and luckily only tipped over once but with a fast shutter I was able to take a few photos during the trip (only nearly falling off every time I raised my camera) and managed to grab an amazing sunset. After being knocked into the air a few times we decided to pull over to the side and take a few photos which I’m very happy that we did. Also some of the sunset photos were at my house and they were stunningly beautiful but only lasted…

Portrait Photos

I had the chance to help my friend with her project and it was so perfectly timed because I was in need of portrait photos as well as being able to brush up on portrait photos. Normally I don’t like portrait photos but this was a great and fun experience! It was much easier than I thought and a good environment background to work with. Also recently got a chance to experience what it would be like in a photo shoot with models from my school