Photography Portfolio

In this little collage I put animals together because not only does it have a theme but also the colors work together really well. Another thing is that with the rabbit it was the first time I really noticed bokeh and got me hooked on trying to implement it in my photos. While my dog Chewy was playing in the snow, I noticed that now would be a great time to take a photo of him with the contrasting colors of white and black. When I went to the Hutchingson Museum I got the chance to take a photo of a chameleon and it looked really cool with the colors striking against the black background.

The flower photos were my favorite thing to do because it got me to think about depth of field and work on having the petals in focus while also trying to have a more shallow depth of field for a creamy blur in the background. Also with the log, I went up to a waterfall and was testing my camera and accidentally took the photo. It was during golden hour so it reflected the mountains in the water and had this golden hue with a log that looked very similar to a dog.

I look back on some of the landscape photos I’ve done in the past and realized that most of them usually have water in it. For example, when I went up to Tibble Fork, the mountains and really blue water looked amazing and went well with each other. As well as when I was hiking up to this waterfall the water was very still and reflected the boulder which looked fantastic. Another thing is the landscape with the cloud/fog going on the trees was really fun to capture and also something I entered in a photo show.

There’s typically a lot of snails that are in my backyard during the summer. I took this opportunity to further my skills in macro photography and it resulted in one of the snail photos winning an award at a photo show. It not only was something to keep me from being bored, but also resulted in some of my favorite photos.

During my hike up the canyon, I had been driving around when it was raining so I had an umbrella with me to keep me and my camera dry. This resulted in my accidentally tipping my umbrella into the shot and creating this minimalist photo with droplets on the edge of the umbrella. Although it was an accident, I made it black and white creating this striking separation of the photo. Another thing is while I was driving up, a herd of deer were walking by so I quickly pulled out my camera and took photos of them. I’m not sure why I decided to make it black and white, but I’m glad I did because their white tails looked really cool.

On 4th of July, we went to a firework show and decided to bring my camera. I had been wanting to have some photos of light trails and figured that fireworks would probably look cool with long shutter speed. It created a burst of light in the center and had a trail of where the firework was launched up. The burst of light trail looked amazing and looked very similar to a flower. Also I noticed that I had a light brush in my closet so I pulled it out and toyed around with it. I would grab a book and create a gust of wind to blow each little light and cause little light trails. Another thing is the sunset photo is what really sparked my interest in doing more with photography. It’s one of my early photos and the sunset looked amazing in both photos and in real life.

The humming birds photo was a real challenge on taking a photo of. Due to the fact that the nest was nearly at the ceiling and I had to use a chair that wasn’t all that tall so I had to step on my toes to get the photo. When I checked my camera, most pictures were blurry or out of focus but this one stood out and I’m glad it did. The tarantula photo is from the Hutchingson Museum and when I showed it to someone to see if it was good, they thought it looked like a photo that I just pulled from the internet.

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