Frosty Pine

The Drive

While driving around the mountains I always go around a certain area where deer always appear. Usually I manage to catch a glimpse but sometimes they blend in the trees. When the rain cleared up I noticed a couple of deer head out to the road and start licking the road!

I started to head out and drive deeper into the canyon to get closer to the mountains for some nice landscape shots. Although the roads were slick, it seems fairly safe except for some turkey that had dashed in front of my car which was a wonderful way to spike up my adrenaline. Sadly, they were too quick but the mountains looking stunning while driving up to them. The main concern whenever I stop by on getting mountain pictures is if I’m in anyone’s way which I happened to be so I quickly opened my sunroof and climbed up to snap some photos before dropping back down. I noticed that a bridge in my right side mirror so I quickly brought up my camera to snap a picture before heading out of the canyon.

The Next Adventure

I headed out to a waterfall which I had looked up and sadly the road was closed to get into it! Luckily there was more to explore and I quickly wrapped around and took some photos of the trees that looked oddly spiky. The huge wall of snow made it impossible for me to hop out and head into the woods so hopefully in the future I’ll revisit and see if there’s anything more to do in that canyon

All of the photos:

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