Spooky Adventure


Recently my friends and I have been trying to find some spooky things in the area. We had been talking about going into Ted Bundy’s cave for quite some time and finally built up the courage to not only go up to it, but head inside. Geared up with a flashlight and my camera we headed inside the cold tunnel and panicked only a little. After running out we decided to visit the Doxey chair which is supposedly haunted. It was kind of a let down but created a pretty cool photo.

Jumping Spider

I recently got a new camera and wanted to test it out. As I was setting it up I noticed a spider on the window and caught it with a cup to release it outside. It stayed around for awhile and so I got my macro stuff and took some photos of it.


Over the weekend I went on a vacation to Yellowstone. I was super excited to see all the animals and sparkling geysers. The first day we were there we saw no animals but luckily the cool landscape made up for it. But by the second day towards the end after driving around for hours there was still no luck in seeing any animals. Suddenly, there was a huge line of cars as we were leaving and seemed as if something was happening up front. So my cousins and I jumped out of the car to investigate to see 2 bears! The cub quickly ran pass the road but I managed to catch a few shots of the mom. Almost 20 minutes later another traffic jam happened and so we didn’t hesitate to jump out which managed to get us only a few feet away from a buffalo! Overall the vacation was an amazing experience with plenty of things to take photos of.

Canyon Drive

Recently I’ve been driving around the canyon and decided to go further up and drive around. As I drove up the small road there were tons of birch trees and it looked amazing. It was a fantastic drive with stunning views of the sunset and the mountains which looked gorgeous.

Family Fun

I recently went up with my family to go picnic near a river. It was loads of fun and nice to be out in nature. Although while we were sitting down a bat flew around us and freaked us out.


I went out and explored more and sure enough there were some deer. I also got out of my car and stood in the middle of the road to get the leading lines photo which was worth it. I have been really pushing to get out more and take photos so far it’s going pretty well!

Wild Deer

I recently bought a 70-200mm lens because I was using the kit lens that came with my camera and noticed how poorly it was doing. So I went out to go test the lens by driving up where I had previously seen deer. Luckily, I spotted some before the sun had completely set. I was very happy with the results and enjoyed using the lens even if it was quite big.

Dominican Republic

Recently I went to a resort in the Dominican Republic and the beach it was next to was absolutely gorgeous. I loved walking over there and snapping a few pics while also relaxing and hearing the waves crash down. I also noticed a boat out in the water that would always be there and made for a pretty good photo with the intense blue water it was floating on

Flower Photography

Since everything was blooming on the trees I figured now would be a great time to start taking photos of flowers. It was interesting to do and I wanted more bokeh on the flowers since I’ve seen it done before and it was a fun and great learning experience to test things out. Also while my mom was out planting flowers I thought it was a great time to start taking photos of some of the flowers she bought (which cost a lot).

Landscape Photography

I had the chance to hike up to a waterfall and there was a river which calmed down at parts which had this rock that reflected pretty well. I also saw the rock with 2 holes casting a shadow on the inside which had I not been there at the right time I wouldn’t have snapped the photo. Also when I went to a slot canyon I took a photo of the wall because the holes looked so smooth and turned out pretty great. Although the rest of the hike wasn’t enjoyable the photos I got were great. I also went up to Idaho and got these great shots of this cabin in the trees and a river flowing out into the snow.