Frosty Pine

The Drive While driving around the mountains I always go around a certain area where deer always appear. Usually I manage to catch a glimpse but sometimes they blend in the trees. When the rain cleared up I noticed a couple of deer head out to the road and start licking the road! I started to head out and drive deeper into the canyon to get closer to the mountains for some nice landscape shots. Although the roads were slick, it seems fairly safe except for some turkey that had dashed in front of my car which was a wonderful…

Spooky Adventure

Recently my friends and I have been trying to find some spooky things in the area. We had been talking about going into Ted Bundy’s cave for quite some time and finally built up the courage to not only go up to it, but head inside. Geared up with a flashlight and my camera we headed inside the cold tunnel and panicked only a little. After running out we decided to visit the Doxey chair which is supposedly haunted. It was kind of a let down but created a pretty cool photo.