Spooky Adventure

Recently my friends and I have been trying to find some spooky things in the area. We had been talking about going into Ted Bundy’s cave for quite some time and finally built up the courage to not only go up to it, but head inside. Geared up with a flashlight and my camera we headed inside the cold tunnel and panicked only a little. After running out we decided to visit the Doxey chair which is supposedly haunted. It was kind of a let down but created a pretty cool photo.


Over the weekend I went on a vacation to Yellowstone. I was super excited to see all the animals and sparkling geysers. The first day we were there we saw no animals but luckily the cool landscape made up for it. But by the second day towards the end after driving around for hours there was still no luck in seeing any animals. Suddenly, there was a huge line of cars as we were leaving and seemed as if something was happening up front. So my cousins and I jumped out of the car to investigate to see 2 bears!…

Canyon Drive

Recently I’ve been driving around the canyon and decided to go further up and drive around. As I drove up the small road there were tons of birch trees and it looked amazing. It was a fantastic drive with stunning views of the sunset and the mountains which looked gorgeous.